Odhav steel Manufacturing SA is the first fully automatic steel manufacturing plant in west Africa zone along with power plant. Odhav steel Manufacturing SA plant founded in 2013 at Industrial zone massaya dubreka near conakry Republic de Guinea west africa.

We are manufacturing of superior quality TMT Rebars, MS Agnle, MS Flate bar, Square bar, ROund bar, MS Nails, MS binding wire, MS Ingots, MS Billets at our plant in the Republic de Guinea. We are producing the best quality steel as per as all international standards.

Aprat then this we installed oxygen cylinder filling plant have capacity 250 bottle per day. our oxygen purity is 99%.

We have also our trading company at India from 1996, in Dubai from 2004.

In our plant several industries are installed as below.

  1. Power plant of 12 MW
  2. Melting Unit
  3. Rolling unit for TMT Rebar
  4. Rolling mill for section
  5. MS nail and binding wire plant
  6. Oxygen plant
  7. MS tube mill squre tube and round tube

Plant will under projection in 2016 and 2017

  1. Corrugated sheet plant
  2. Lubricant and Engine oil plant and recycle of used oil plant.